Serving the Homeless Population in the Prescott Valley Area

As a Christian ministry, we serve with compassion and without judgement anyone experiencing homelessness and lacking basic needs, and actively encourage their return to stability and self-sufficiency.

Our Mission

To serve Christ by ministering to the needs of those experiencing homelessness.  We strive to meet the most basic and immediate needs of homeless individuals we encounter in Prescott Valley, offer spiritual hope and encouragement, assist with accessing employment and resources, and acknowledge the life stories of our homeless friends with love and compassion.

Drop-In Center

Our Drop-In Center is nearing completion! Open to anyone experiencing homelessness in Prescott Valley, the Center is intended as a daytime place of respite away from the vehicles in which many live and out of the weather, a place of refreshment to get a shower and a change of clothes, enjoy a light snack, participate in bible studies, enjoy casual fellowship with others, and a place to access community advocates for support in obtaining needed services that can improve their lives.

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The Drop-In Center is anticipated to open by April 1. Please check back for location and hours.

Our Vision

To help people where they are and address their immediate needs for food, hygiene, clothing, shelter, and hope, and to expand our reach over time by establishing a physical “safe place” where, in partnership with local Christian churches and organizations, we can provide day shelter, overnight shelter, showers, meals, spiritual encouragement, and support individuals in their efforts to return to sustainable self-sufficiency.

A Safe Place Today

This past year, God opened the doors for A Safe Place to begin creating something new for people experiencing homelessness – a space where they are welcome, a space to enjoy physical and spiritual refreshment, and a space to engage with people who can support their return to a place of sustainable self-sufficiency. 

Today, A Safe Place is establishing a Drop-In Center in Prescott Valley, thanks to the support of our donors and the various community partners who have collaborated with us! The Drop-In Center is intended as a place of respite and refreshment; a chance to spend time out of the vehicles where many live; a place to shower and get a change of clothes; enjoy a snack, fellowship, and bible study; and engage with on-site Community Advocates who can help break down barriers to needed services, employment, health care and housing.

Going forward, we will continue seeking God’s direction and timing for expanding how to serve the needs of this vulnerable population.  We will continue working within our local community to strengthen the network of needed services (e.g., overnight or emergency shelter facilities) that address urgent needs and help lift people out of the cycle of homelessness in a way that restores their dignity and faith.

A Safe Place

Help. Serve. Give.

We invite you to join us in our mission to serve those experiencing homelessness.

Volunteers are currently needed – field volunteers, drop-in center volunteers, treasurer/accountant.

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