“Those who give to the poor will lack nothing…” Proverbs 28:27 NIV


Current Newsletter

December, 2023

Dear Friends,

Looking back on 2023, we see God’s hand continually working in this ministry! We are at once amazed, humbled, and grateful for the many ways God has provided for needs, transformed lives, and opened doors. We are also grateful for you, our supporters and prayer partners, your love toward others and dedication to encouraging those experiencing homelessness here in the Prescott Valley area.

Each time we go out in the van to serve, we find people struggling in their homelessness. Imagine… spending days and nights in a vehicle, or sleeping behind a bush or dumpster with nothing but a blanket… and you’re 23 or 62 or 76… Imagine not being able to cook a meal or grab a cold drink from the fridge… not being able to shower and put on fresh clothing… caring for major health issues or a disabled child while living out of your car… trying to find affordable housing with an income below $1,000/month… having mental health issues that make it difficult if not impossible to manage your life let alone maintain a steady job… living on the fringe of society, feeling stuck, losing hope. This is what homelessness looks like, every day, for the people we serve.

Often, it’s basic things that are needed to get through another day – water, food, sleeping bag or tent, a shower, clean clothes or blankets, gas to keep the car heater running at night or to move every day so your “home” isn’t towed. A trustworthy friend, a kind word, a prayer, a conversation, and the hope of the Gospel can make all the difference. These are the things we try to provide.

Even finding the right resources can be difficult. When you’re down and out, staying motivated and taking even small steps can feel impossible. Rather than handouts, most people we meet want to be seen, heard, realistic options, encouragement, dignity, hope. These are the things we try to foster.

We have been blessed to see progress in the lives of many we’ve had the privilege of serving this year and we have seen God at work! We have many encouraging stories – employment, sobriety, temporary shelter after nights on the ground, basic sustenance to survive, securing housing, and knowing Jesus as Savior.

Myron’s Story: We met Myron during the height of summer while he was living in his truck. In his late 60’s, Myron’s health was poor, and he’d lost his livelihood and savings. The summer heat was especially hard on him. Frequent dehydration and chronic health issues caused him to fall often; twice he had to be rushed to the ER. We were able to offer Myron encouragement, friendship, and prayer along with the survival fluids and food he needed, and we were able to help with gas for his truck. Myron searched daily for affordable housing; he followed up on leads that we gave him, including a referral to House of Hope 316 in Prescott Valley. There he found his permanent home. We keep in touch with Myron, and he recently let us know his health is improving and he’s happy with his “new” home and fellow residents.

God has opened new doors for this ministry! His leading to establish a Drop-In Center has been clear. The Center will allow us to further serve and is expected to open early 2024 after renovations and new volunteers are ready. Goals include:

  • Physical Refreshment – respite from the elements, a shower, fresh clothing, beverages, light snacks.
  • Spiritual Encouragement – fellowship, Bible study.
  • On-Site Advocates from partnering organizations – aid in overcoming barriers to supportive services that can lead to stability, such as insurance, Veteran benefits, mental healthcare, recovery, financial and life skills counseling.

Thank you for partnering with us. Your continued prayers and financial support are vital to serving others through A Safe Place. We thank God for how He has worked in this ministry and through you!

May God bless you this day,
The Board of A Safe Place

“For there will never cease to be poor people in the land; that is why I am commanding you, ‘Open your hand willingly to your poor and needy brother in your land.’” (Deuteronomy 15:11)

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